One or many activities

Different speed requires different light beams

We have headtorches with preset light – a mix of long spotlight and wide floodlight, optimized for running, hiking, map reading, etc. If you want to use your headtorch for multiple activities with different speed, you should choose a headtorch with Silva Flow Light.

Flow Light enables you to change the light beam and customize the combination of long spotlight and wide floodlight based on your activity for the day.

Headtorches with Silva Flow Light

Cross Trail

The Cross Trail series are our entry level multi-activity headtorches with a 600 lumen light output ideal for running, xc-skiing, commuting and easy mountain biking.

Trail Speed

Trail Speed is the ultimate headtorch if you are looking for a powerful yet small and lightweight headtorch. This is the preferred choice for endurance athletes.


With the Exceed series you get our most powerful headtorches with the greatest light output. Ideal for demanding activities like downhill skiing, biking and night orienteering.

Freedom with modular attachments

The multi-activity headtorches are built for flexible usage and all of them include multiple attachment options. This means that they can easily be detached from the headband and snapped on to your handle bar, running vest or helmet.

Thanks to the included extension cord you can also fasten the battery on your bike frame or keep it in your pocket. By keeping the battery warm you also prolong its usage when it is cold outside.

Find your headtorch

When being outdoors in the dark, we want you to feel like your headtorch is an extension of your body and fulfills all your needs.

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Batteries for any activity

With our battery line-up you will find the right balance between burn time and weight. The battery range covers a wide span of activities, from a small head-mounted battery for a fast run to a powerful battery pack for a long hike.

Find your head torch

When being outdoors in the dark, we want you to feel like your head torch is an extension of your body and we want you to feel safe.

Our head torch philosophy

We have been out there since the 1930s and over the years we have learned a few things about head torch. This is how we think when designing our head torches.