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Choose the right running vest, backpack or belt based on the type of running you do.



Slim running vest for fast runs and races

Strive Fly is our most slim and lightweight running vest, designed for fast runs and races. The thin material with optimal ventilation and the snug fit give you a weightless feeling. Thanks to the easy-access pockets and smart straps, your bottles, energy, running poles, extra layers, and phone are within reach as you run. 

STRIVE 5 and 10 VEST

Versatile running vests for long runs, races and run-commuting

Strive 5 is a reliable companion for long runs and races, and Strive 10 for even longer distances and commuting runs. The vests are updated versions of our bestseller Strive Light Black, now in lighter material with improved fit and sleek design. The easy-access pockets and compartments with 5 or 10 liters of packing volume give you plenty of space for hydration, energy, and extra layers. The vests are made of breathable material and have smart features such as reflective areas, an emergency whistle, and an attachment for your running poles. 



Running backpack for mountain tours and run-commuting

Planning on running for several days in the mountains? Let Strive Mountain Pack keep you company. Choose between Strive Mountain Pack 17+3 liters or Strive Mountain Pack 23+3 liters and get enough space for a change of clothes, charger, energy, safety equipment and a pair of slippers for the evenings when you have reached today’s stage. The running pack features Silva Embrace System which is developed to keep the pack comfortably on your back and distribute the weight evenly when running for many hours. 



Flexible running belt for short sessions

Strive Loop is a flexible running belt for runs where you don’t want to carry hydration with you. It features easy-access mesh pockets for gels and bars, a zipped pocket for phone and keys, and a tube pocket for your wind jacket. Strive Loop has a snug fit in five sizes and is made of lightweight and breathable material. 


Lightweight running belt for the essentials

Go for a morning run with your home key and phone just in the right place. Strive Belt is a lightweight and convenient running belt that fits all the essentials: your phone, keys, energy bars, and gels. The belt has an expandable weatherproof pocket, reflective details, and a big belt buckle.



pole case to attach to your Strive running vest

Strive Quiver is a lightweight pole carrier that lets you run fast and comfortably with your running poles attached to your Strive running vest. The quiver can be worn either over your left or right shoulder, and is made of durable and weather-resistant material with drainage holes for water and dirt. 


The Strive family has several hydration systems that take you further

The Strive series includes several hydration systems that let you drink on the go. Hydration Reservoir 1L fits your Strive Mountain Pack or Strive 5 and 10. The hydration reservoir is insulated, which keeps the water cold even in warm temperatures. Our Soft Flasks come in 250 or 500 ml volumes and have self-sealing nozzles. Soft Flask Straw 500 ml has an adjustable straw for hands-free drinking. 



When you're going out for a run, it's important to pack light and correctly in a belt, vest or backpack with access to everything you need, even when you're in the middle of a run.

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