Find your equipment for running at Silva. We guide you right, regardless of whether to buy a headlamp for running, a running vest, a running backpack or hydration belts and waist belts for running.

Headlamp running

The best headlamp for running depends on the type of running you will be using it for.

Headlamp for city running and easy trail

Trail Runner Free is our most popular running headlamp. This is a good headlamp for running in an urban environment or a simple trail where the headlamp's 400 lumens is excellent. The Trail Runner Free has a long burn time, is extremely light and the cords are sewn into the headband, which creates a smooth feel. The headlamp also has a red safety light at the back.

Headlamp for trail running

If you run in the forest, you need more light to see where you put your feet. Here, our three multi-lamps are a good choice - if you buy them as accessories, you can also use them in other sports such as roller and cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, peak touring and cycling.

The Trail Speed ​​5R is the most optimal and combines 1200 lumens with a lightweight battery with good burning time. The Cross Trail 7R at 600 lumens provides a good light and has a light and flexible battery, while the Exceed 4R at 2000 lumens provides the most powerful light but weighs slightly more.

Headlamp for night orientation and unpaved terrain

If you are going to run in unpaved terrain or need a headlamp for night orientation, Spectra O is the absolute best choice. The headlamp's 10,000 lumens turn night into day and allow you to maintain high speed regardless of terrain.

Running vests for long runs and runs

Strive Light Black is a light and flexible running vest with smart compartments and fluid systems. It is available in two models: Strive Light Black 5 and 10, with 5 and 10 liter pack volume respectively. Both running vests have reflectors, two included soft flasks of 240 ml and pockets for energy, mobile phone, keys and equipment. If you prefer a water bladder backpack, you can buy a Hydration Reservoir 1L and place it in the back compartment of the vests.

For quick runs and races, use the extremely light Strive Ultra Light with room for phone, energy and soft bottles.

Running backpacks for mountain running and transport running

For mountain and mountain running or running to work, the Strive Mountain Pack is the best fit. This running backpack is available in 20 liter (17+3) and 26 liter (23+3) pack volume, has practical pockets, low weight and ergonomic fit.

Fluid belts and waist belt for mobile running

A waist bag is perfect for storing the mobile phone while running. Our Strive Belts work as mobile phone holders while running and the waist belt also has a pocket for keys. If you want a waist belt with more space, check out the Race 4 with 4 liters of pack volume and space for a liquid container. Flow 6x is a hydration belt with 6 liter pack volume, 1.2 liter bottle and smart compartments.