Silva and orienteering go hand in hand since the Kjellström brothers, our founders, invented the first liquid-filled compass in 1933. Since then, Silva’s product developers have repeatedly set new standards for orienteering compasses, often in close collaboration with elite orienteers such as Tove Alexandersson.

World-class orienteering compasses

Here you will find high-performance orienteering compasses – thumb compasses, ruler compasses, children’s compasses and wrist compasses.

The orienteering compasses Arc Jet and Spike Jet have been developed together with world star Tove Alexandersson and insights from 2000 orienteers in the Swedish Orienteering Federation. Both Arc Jet and Spike Jet have the fast, stable and precise compass needle Jet 2.0.

The Arc Jet series is available as a thumb compass – both left-handed and right-handed compass – with a fixed capsule, optimal for high-level orientation. It is also available as a wrist compass, perfect for multi-athletes. The Spike Jet series are ruler compasses with a base plate in different sizes.

Among our orienteering compasses are also beginner compasses for children who orienteer. The wrist compass Begin 2 is small but robust with a compass housing made of rubber.

Orienteering compasses – accessories and spare parts

With our replaceable spare parts, you extend the life of your orienteering compass. You can also upgrade the compass with smart accessories such as the magnifying glass for the Arc Jet compasses.

Here you will also find the classic orienteering markers and Silva’s orienteering controls Reflective marker with reflectors, which work just as well in competition and training, day and night.

High quality orienteering compasses since 1933

Our very first product was the liquid-filled compass that our founders, the Kjellström brothers, invented as early as 1933. An invention that not only made it faster and easier to read a compass, but also became a global standard. In 1939 Silva introduced the first compass with mirror view and the first wrist compass came in 1960. Björn Kjellström also wrote the classic orienteering handbook Be Expert With Map and Compass and was involved in starting the American Orienteering Federation. Today, we continue to drive the development of compasses forward in close collaboration with elite orienteers.