Running vests

Running vests




The running vest is the runner’s best friend, regardless of whether you are going to run long distances, participate in running races or commute to work. Our running vests are light and flexible with smart compartments and hydration systems that allow you to bring energy, water, smartphone and extra equipment. Choose between a running vest with a generous packing volume of 10 liters, a flexible 5-liter vest for running or an ultra light trail running vest for faster runs and races. If you are planning for an adventure race or ultramarathon, have a look at our 20-litre and 25-litre running backpacks.

Running vests for long sessions

Here you will find flexible running vests for men and women with different packing volumes and hydration systems for running. Strive Light Black 10 is a running vest with 2 soft flasks and space for a hydration bladder. The packing volume of 10 liters and smart pockets means that you can fit all that you need in the running vest for the running race, ultra running or run commuting. Strive Light Black 5 also has soft flasks and space for a hydration bladder but is a lighter running vest with a packing volume of 5 liters. Strive Ultra Light is our most lightweight and slim running vest for the fast runs and races. This trail running vest weighs only 139 gram, has a great comfort and easy access pockets for your essentials.  All of our running vests are available in three different sizes and have reflective details – a smarter version of a reflective vest for running.

Running backpacks for mountain running and run commuting

Looking for a running backpack for commuting to work or packing for a trail running adventure?  Strive Mountain Pack is a lightweight trail running backback with ergonomic straps for a comfortable fit. The running backpack comes in 20 litre (17+3) and 26 litre (23+3) of packing volume. Both models have smart compartments and safety details.

Hydration system running – hydration bladder for running vest

Our running vests have room for the hydration bladder Hydration Reservoir 1 liter. The hydration bladder is made of a durable material and has a self-closing nozzle to avoid leakage. The water also stays cold thanks to the hydration bladder being insulated.

Water bottle running – soft flask 500 ml and 250 ml

Looking for a handy, compact water bottle for running? Our Soft Flasks are soft and have wide openings with self-sealing corks that make it easy to drink on the run. Use the Soft Flasks on the front of your Strive running vest, slip one into your Strive running belt or carry one in your hand. Choose from the Soft Flask 250ml, Soft Flask 500ml or Soft Flask Straw 500ml with straw, all made from BPA-free material.