Outdoor binoculars

Outdoor binoculars



Navigate easily and smoothly over mountains and valleys with our outdoor binoculars, designed for outdoor adventures. Bring binoculars from Silva the next time you go kayaking, fishing, camping, climbing or hiking in the mountains.

Binoculars for outdoor adventures

Our outdoor binoculars are designed to help you find your way in the terrain in any weather. Our binoculars are robust and made of durable, weather-resistant material with grip-friendly rubber that ensures that the binoculars lie firmly in your hand. In addition, they are compact with low weight and are therefore easy to carry.

Binoculars in the Silva Pocket series

The Silva Pocket binoculars are functional and robust, with fine optics that provide sharpness at long distances. As useful for bird watching as during the hike or climb.

Pocket 10X is compact and easy to fold, has 10x magnification, high quality optical glass (Bak-7) and is made of grip-friendly rubber. Pocket 8X is a simpler version of the Pocket 10X, with 8x magnification and slightly smaller lens. The Pocket 7X mono-binoculars are even more compact and have 7x magnification with optical glass in Bak-4-quality.