Gustav Bergman

More medals than we can count

He has collected more orienteering medals than we can count and when Gustav Bergman is not on the race track to go after even more victories he teaches orienteering to upcoming Swedish orienteering stars. We are proud to work with this humble orienteer who has the stamina to go on forever and the personality to win everybody over.

Gustav Bergman is part of the Silva family since 2021.

4 World Championship Victories and 10 medals in total
23 Gold Medals from the Swedish Orienteering Championships
1 overall victory in the Orienteering World Cup

Gustav Bergman


Why did you choose SILVA as a partner?
SILVA has always been my preferred manufacturer of racing compasses for orienteering, and with SILVA being a partner to the Swedish Orienteering Federation and the Swedish National Team I have had close contact to both products and the people at SILVA through the years, thus making partnering up a very natural choice for me! I am very excited to be a part of the SILVA family!

Do you have any specific advice when it comes to training in the dark?
Find your comfort zone! I struggled for a long time with enjoying running in the dark, but after oushing my limits and getting used to it, I now find a sort of serenity in running alone in the forest with only my head torch as company!

How do you train during the off season?
Off season for racing means on season for training, so this part of the year means a heavy training load for me! Mostly running, of course, both on roads and off trail. A good mix in both training effort and running surface (and daylight...)

What products from Silva do you use and what do you like most about it?
I use a lot of products, but most notably I race with a SPIKE JET compass during my orienteering races. I also really enjoy the TRAIL SPEED head torch - perfect for training sessions during the winter!

What is your best moment from the previous year from the team that you bring to the new year?
Choosing just one moment is impossible! When I think back to 2021 I try to savor every moment, and be grateful that I have the opportunity of being a professional athlete and doing what I love every day!

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Gustav Bergman


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