Rosanna Buchauer

Trail runner of the Year 2022

Rosanna @ro_xy_ro is a German ultra trail runner who used to speed skate as a child and discovered trail running when she was studying in Innsbruck. Rosanna won the Chiemgau Ultra Trail in 2019 and the Eiger Ultra Trail in 2022, and finished 5th place at the UTMB CCC and WMTRC in Thailand. She was also awarded Trail runner of the Year 2022 by Trail Magazine. 

About Rosanna

Name: Rosanna Buchauer
Born: 1990
From: Germany
Instagram: @ro_xy_ro
Project Manager & professional athlete

Rosanna Buchauer


Why did you choose Silva as a partner?
To me, SILVA has always been a brand that embodies quality and clean Scandinavian design. I always looked up to the SILVA athlete family and I am really proud that I am part of it now and can run fast with the headlamps in races and early morning training. 

What are your favorite Silva products?
At the moment I use the SILVA Trail Runner Free a lot for running. Especially early morning runs for sunrise at the summit. I also always have it in my backpack when going on a ski-tour in the afternoon. Just in case, when it might take longer and I ski down in the dark. Due to its lightweight but still powerful light, it is my favorite companion and an essential in my backpack.

Rosanna about silva FREE

Free 3000 M
I use the Free 3000 M for ski touring, skiing, and mountain biking in the fall (it's most important to have a bright light during downhill). I use size M because I often do 3-4h ski tours and I want the lamp to have enough battery for up and down.

Free 1200 S
This setup is perfect for regular running training. Or if I go for a trail running downhill session I would use the the Free 2000.

Life as an Athlete

What is your proudest moment as an athlete? 
What I love about races and what makes me most proud at the finish line is when I outgrow myself. At the world championships in Thailand 2022 the fight between 5th, 6th, and 7th place was so close and within seconds. My body screamed: slow down, let it go, 7th is also fine. But I fought and I really pushed my limits and could secure the 5th place until the finish line. I was so proud to not give up and to keep pushing. To me, this is only possible in race mode and to me, this is what I love about sports: you grow with every race. 

What do you love about trail running?

Trail running is the part of my life in which I am able to focus only on the present. I love long training runs where I get totally lost in nature and my rhythm. I know I fixed a time for this in my daily schedule and now I can be present and do not have to think about anything else. Often I feel like I have endless power and energy. Running - often by myself - out in nature fulfills me with joy, and happiness and makes me very content with my life in general. 

What can an average training week look like for you?
An average training week consists of 15-25 hours of training. It depends very much on the season. I run all year but add variety with biking in summer and ski mountaineering and cross-country skiing in winter. I try to stick to my weekly plan of training which consists of a combination of high-intensity activities, long runs, and low-intensity activities in between. If there is a change outside my training life that adds stress I also try to adapt my training to keep my balance.


Rosanna Buchauer


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