The Norwegian XC-Skiing Team

The Norwegian XC-Skiing Team

Decades of dominance

Silva has been trusted to be the official supplier of headlamps to our friends in the Norwegian XC-skiing Team. Our headlamps helps them optimize and extend their training sessions. With profiles like Maiken Caspersen Falla, Helene Marie Fossesholm, Ragnhild Haga, Therese Johaug, Harald Östberg Amundsen, Pål Golberg, Hans Christer Holund and Emil Iversen they are the world’s most outstanding XC-team.

The Norwegian XC-Skiing Team has been part of the Silva family since 2013.

Get to know the team – 4 quick questions with Coordinator & Coach Ulf Morten Aune

Why did you choose SILVA as a supplier?
Silva has the most broad and best product range on the market, so it’s easy to choose Silva year after year.

Favorite destination when it comes to cross-country skiing?
It’s so different depending on what you are looking for. Davos in Switzerland is my personal favorite. Even my body knows when I’m back in Davos, it kind of shivers. In the team we train on the same locations each year, each athlete have their individual feelings regarding each place. So it’s not a specific place or location, more specific memories and experiences.

Do you have any specific advice when it comes to training in the dark?
Like all other equipment, take care of it. Make sure that it’s up to date and that you have as much battery time you need depending on your activity. Always wear a rear visibility lamp and a reflective vest. If you are out skiing or running in the woods, use as little light output as possible in order to really feel the nature around you and experience the silence. If you are a group of people training together, it’s enough that the person in front and in the back have the light on. When training with a headlamp you don’t need illuminated ski tracks, you can train whereever the snow has fallen.

Which ones are your favorite Silva products?
Our waxing team and our athletes have different needs when it comes to light output. All depending on the activity and their whereabouts. So it’s quite individually. Some of our athletes go by the therme ‘less is more’, they want the lightweight headlamps. And if they are out for longer runs they need a headlamp with longer battery time. But thanks to your broad range, there is a headlamp for everyone.

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