Cross Trail

Cross Trail



The Cross Trail series are the head torches for true outdoor enthusiasts who want to engage in outdoor activities all year round. Cross Trail is available in two models – one head torch is excellent for cross-country skiing or as an extra bicycle light, while the other head torch is optimal for running. Both models have 600 lumens and a comfortable fit with a wide headband. The head torches are delivered with different batteries and accessories, including a head torch mount for bicycle handlebars and helmet.

Cross Trail 7XT – head torch for cross-country skiing and cycling

Cross Trail 7XT is an ideal head torch for running, cross-country skiing, biking and technical hiking.

The head torch has a rechargeable 3.5 Ah battery with a long burning time of 16 hours at the lowest position and 8 hours at the highest. Cross Trail 7XT can be moved between headband, helmet and bicycle handlebars and is therefore delivered with six accessories: battery holder, helmet mount for head torch, bracket for bicycle handlebars, extension cord, cable holder and Velcro strap to attach the battery to the bicycle frame.

Cross Trail 7R – head torch for running

With Cross Trail 7R, you don’t have to let the darkness put a stop to your running session. R stands for run because this head torch is designed for running, with a compact design and a lightweight battery of 2.0 Ah. The battery is rechargeable with a burning time of 5 hours at the highest position and a full 13 hours at the lowest. When the battery level is low, the torch enters standby mode, giving you an additional 30 minutes of use. The Cross Trail 7R includes two accessories: battery holder and cable holder that hold the battery and cable in place on the headband.