Our quality head torches are designed to give you the best experience for your activity, whether it’s running, skiing, biking, hiking or camping in the dark.

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Multi-torches – head torches for multiple activities

Is life too short to just do one activity? Our multi-torches Exceed, Trail Speed and Cross Trail are designed to be used for several activities and can easily be moved from headbands to helmets and bicycle handlebars. These are our most powerful head torches that give you a strong light during fast-paced activities in technical terrain. A good choice of head torch for skiing, cross-country skiing, running, orienteering, biking, MTB and mountaineering.

Outdoor torches – head torches for outdoor activities

Our outdoor torches are designed for outdoor life and outdoor activities. They are easy to use, easy to take with you and the head torches have e generous burning time. Here you will find the Explore series – a waterproof head torch for sailing, kayaking, SUP and fly fishing, but also hiking and climbing. The Scout series are simple head torches for hiking, camping and dog walks.

Running torches – head torches for running

Among the running torches, you will find our popular Trail Runner Free, which is a head torch optimized for running. Thanks to its low weight and cordless design, this head torch gives you a feeling of total freedom during your running session. For those who need even more, Exceed 4R, Trail Speed 5R and Cross Trail 7R are excellent head torches for orienteering and trail running in technical terrain.

SPECTRA - Actionssports &  orienteering

Extreme sports call for an extreme headlamp. Spectra’s incredibly strong light output of 10 000 lumen turns night into day and gives you more training hours, more commitment, more speed and more adrenaline. Spectra comes in two models: Spectra A, designed for action packed sports such as skiing, MTB, enduro and snowmobile, and Spectra O for night orienteering or trail running. A headlamp that helps you push your limits.