Let the Scout head torch accompany you during your hike, camping trip or dog walk. This series of head torches is designed for outdoor life – they are easy to use with a large on/off button and have generous burning time that lasts for several days. The comfortable design and light weight mean that these head torches sit comfortably even after many hours of use. Three of the four different Scout models have red light that facilitates map reading in the dark.

Scout 3XTH and 3XT – head torch for hiking

Scout 3XTH has a brightness of 350 lumens and Silva Intelligent Light, which provides both focused light at a distance and a wide light up close. This head torch has two LED colors, white and red, where the red light in the head torch allows you to read your map in the dark. This is a durable head torch that can withstand heavy rain because it is waterproof according to IPX5. Scout 3XTH has hybrid technology, which means that you can use the included rechargeable hybrid battery (1.25Ah), or standard AAA batteries.

What distinguishes these two models is that the Scout 3XT instead comes with 3xAAA alkaline batteries. However, you can charge it with a rechargeable 1.25 Ah battery that you can purchase separately.

Scout 3X – simple outdoor head torch

Scout 3X is a head torch of 300 lumens that is perfect for walks in the forest, when you make a fire or read in the tent. This head torch is also water resistant and has hybrid technology, but comes, like the 3XT, with 3xAAA batteries.

Scout 3 – perfect head torch for dog walks

Scout 3 is the simplest model in the Scout series, a rain-resistant head torch of 200 lumens with two light levels. A head torch that is just right for walking the dog in the evening or fixing on the campsite. Scout 3 comes with 3xAAA batteries but has hybrid technology and you can therefore also use a hybrid battery that is sold separately.