Trail Runner Free

Trail Runner Free



Trail Runner Free is the fifth generation of Trail Runner, our popular head torch for running, both in urban environments and the forest. Because the head torch is water resistant according to IPX5, it can withstand heavy rain.

Trail Runner Free is a flexible head torch thanks to the fact that it has no disturbing cords. We call it Free Technology, which means that the power cable is integrated and sewn into the headband. In addition, this head torch has a low weight which, in combination with the integrated power cord, gives you a comfortable and free feeling during your running session.

The Trail Runner Free head torch with 400 lumen and a light image optimized for running with Silva Intelligent Light that gives you dual light sources, both strong lighting at a distance and a wide light where you put your feet.

The hybrid battery case makes this a rechargeable head torch, and you can use both a rechargeable hybrid battery and alkaline batteries.

Trail Runner Free is available in three models that come with different batteries:

Trail Runner Free Ultra – head torch for ultra-running & trail

Trail Runner Free Ultra is the top model in the series and has a powerful, rechargeable battery (4.0Ah) for long distances and weighs a total of only 141 grams. An optimal head torch for ultra-runners.

Trail Runner Free H – head torch for running, road biking & trail

The next model in the series is the Trail Runner Free H, where the H stands for hybrid because it comes with a rechargeable 1.25 Ah hybrid battery. Weight: 108 grams.

Trail Runner Free – head torch for running

The lightest head torch in the series is the Trail Runner Free which weighs as little as 119 grams. This head torch comes with 3xAAA batteries, but you can also use a hybrid battery which is sold separately.