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Pack lighter, maintain sharpness, and run faster

Increase your speed and push your limits with weightless packing. With Silva's updated Strive running vests, you can run even faster. Carry energy, fluids, extra layers, and running poles effortlessly in the new lightweight design.

Which one should I choose?

Running sessions under 60 minutes:
Most of the time, you don't need a running vest for shorter runs. Instead, opt for the Strive Loop running belt, which can hold your phone, keys, windbreaker, and energy.

Fast-paced sessions and races:
Choose the Strive Fly Vest, weighing only 113 g (XS), with space for energy, fluids, and extra layers.

Running sessions between 1-3 hours:
Opt for the Strive 5 Vest with room for energy, fluids, and extra layers.

Long runs over 3 hours or commuting runs:
Select the Strive 10 Vest with space for fluids, energy, reinforcement layers, and perhaps a hat and gloves. The Strive 10 Vest also works well for commuters carrying light loads.

Single or multi-day trips or commuting runs:
Choose the Strive Mountain Pack running backpack, available in either 17+3 liters or 23+3 liters. It also serves well as a commuting backpack (or cycling) when you need to bring a change of clothes and a laptop. Choose base layer garments made from materials like merino wool or bamboo; they don't retain odor and dry quickly.


pack for running

When heading out for a run, it's crucial to pack light and efficiently in a belt, a vest, or a backpack with access to everything you need, even while you're on the move.

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Enhanced details

  • Sleek design with improved fit
  • Lightweight material – Strive Fly from 113g, Strive Loop from 64g
  • Ventilated mesh
  • Easy-access pockets
  • Attachment for running poles (Strive Quiver)

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