With 89 years experience of developing compasses, we deliver powerboat compasses that facilitate high-speed navigation in rough weather.

A common feature for all our marine compasses is the durability and excellent readability. We call it the Silva quality: the capsule bowl is made from clear and scratch resistant acrylic, a sapphire jewel bearing and a hardened steel pivot minimizes friction and the no-spin compass card is designed for perfect dampening and exact reading. Our marine compasses have a 5 year warranty.

Powerboat compasses with rapid and accurate orientation

Our powerboat compasses are designed to facilitate high-speed navigation in rough weather. Thanks to its fast and stable configuration, you stay on course even in windy conditions.

Smart features such as double scales and multiple lubber lines

Some powerboat compasses have a double scale, including the models 70NBC/FBC100BC100FC och 100NBC/FBC. This feature gives you a better overview and more detailed information about the route. 

You can also choose a compass that has multiple lubber lines allowing you to read the course from different angles. The following models have multiple lubber lines: 70P, 8585E100BC100FC100NBC/FBC och 102B/H.

Some of our powerboat compasses have illuminated capsule that makes night navigation easier: C5885E70NBC/FBC100BC100FC100NBC/FBC and 102B/H.

Bulkhead or flush mounting

Several of the powerboat compasses can be installed either with bulkhead or flush mounting. You choose what best suits your boat. The following models are installed with a bulkhead mounting:  70P8585E och 102B/H. The flush-mounted compasses are: 8585E eller 100FC. The models C5870NBC/FBC100NBC/FBC100BC have multiple mounting options.