Sailboat compasses

For almost a century, we at Silva have developed compasses. With the help of feedback from our users, professional partnerships and intelligent engineering technology, we deliver sailboat that make your adventure at sea safer, no matter the weather.

A common feature for all our marine compasses is the durability and excellent readability. We call it the Silva quality: the capsule bowl is made from clear and scratch resistant acrylic, a sapphire jewel bearing and a hardened steel pivot minimizes friction and the no-spin compass card is designed for perfect dampening and exact reading. A Silva sailboat compass performs at a high level and lasts for many years.

Sailboat compasses with anti-heeling system and lubber lines

Our sailboat compasses are optimized to withstand severe heeling and compensate for any tilting and rocking that occurs in open water. The compasses high heeling angle gives you a steady card in all conditions.Thanks to multiple lubber lines on the capsule, you can easily read the direction from several angles when handling your boat. 

Smart features such as built-in compensator and som inbyggd kompensator och illuminated capsule

Most of our sailboat compasses have have a built-in compensator that handles magnetic field interference. Another useful feature is the illuminated capsule that makes night navigation easier. The top models 125FTC and 125T also have an extended shadow stick in the middle of the compass housing which, among other things, helps to eliminate parallax errors.

Bulkhead or flush mounting

In our wide range of marine compasses you find compasses that can be installed with bulkhead (100B/H100P102B/H eller 125B/H) or flush mounting (125FTC).