Maybe you’re hooked on late night trail running, or you might be the kind of person who likes to go for a bike ride one day and kayak paddling the next day, and a camping adventure the day after. Regardless how many sports and activities you’re into, we’ve got you covered with the perfect head torch!


The multi head torches from Silva are made for flexible use. All multi activity head torches can be attached in several different ways. Move your head torch from the headband and put it on your bike handle bar, helmet or on your running vest.

The extension cord makes it possible to have the battery mounted on your bike or in your pocket. The warmth from your pocket will give the battery more burn time when it is really cold outside.


Many of our head torches can be paired with batteries of different sizes, which means that you can use the same head torch for many different activities. If you like both running and biking, then go for the same head torch but change batteries and accessories depending on your sport. Mattias Jacobsson, product manager at Silva, and our team of athletes, guide you to the perfect combination of weight, light and burntime depending on sport:


When you run you want a head torch that is smooth and lightweight. Running involves a lot of head movement, and because the battery is attached to the headband on the back of your head you want to minimize the weight. A small battery is especially suited for running because running sessions tend to be fairly short. If you plan for a long slow distance, then go for a bigger battery but keep it in your running vest.

Silva’s pro tip:
“Trail Speed 5R with 1200 lumen. This is a lightweight head torch with a lot of light output and generous burn time. It is perfect for a trail running session at night. Cross Trail 7R with 600 lumen is a really good choice of you usually run in urban areas and sometimes in the forest.”

Ultra runner Mimmi Kotka’s pro tip:
”Trail Runner Free with 400 lumen is an awesome head torch. Bring more batteries if you are running ambitious long slow distance sessions or if you want to try ultra running.”


If you use your head torch for biking you can choose a more powerful battery. Biking sessions are often longer than running, and you keep your battery on your bike or in a pocket close to your body. Also, biking require less head movements compared to running. Thanks to all these factors, you can choose a heavier battery with more power.

Silva’s pro tip:
“Choose a strong head torch for your handlebar, Exceed with 2300 lumen is be a good option, and a Trail Speed headlamp with 1200 lumen, for your helmet. Or mount the two headlamps the other way around and put the Exceed on your helmet. Mount the 10,5 Wh or the 7,5 Wh battery on your bike, but we recommend you to keep it close to your body if the weather is cold. The warmth of your body till save burn time. Buy and extra smaller battery for when you go running”

Ibis Cycles Race Team’s pro tip:
“Exceed 4X with a bike mount for your handle bar. This head torch will give you a lot of light output, up to 2300 lumen, and enough burn time for a full evening of riding.”


Make your head torch your best hike and camp friend. It will accompany you on hikes and dog walks, it will work as a rescue lamp in your car and it will be the most important tool on a camp site.

Silva’s pro tip:
“Explore with 400 lumen is the perfect light for camping, working in the dark or fetching wood for cozy evenings in your cottage. It is small and durable with good light output. Also, it is rechargeable.”

Ultra runner Emelie Forsberg’s pro tip:
”I am so happy for the new Terra Scout with 300-350 lumen and the clever sustainable materials. I will use Terra Scout for easier trails, when I walk the dog in the dark and for gardening in the evenings.”


When you go sailing, kayaking or fishing it is important that your companion is reliable despite the conditions. We have developed no hassle head torches that are easy to use and with generous burn time.

Silva’s pro tip:
“The Explore head torch with 400 lumen is as popular on land as on water. This is the perfect head torch for all watersports, including fishing, and it will also guide you on trails when you have reached the mainland.”

Sailor Erik Aanderaa’s pro tip:
”Explore 4RC is a durable and water proof head torch, a perfect choice for my solo sailing adventures. It has different light modes so that I can reed instructions and keep my night vision. The SOS blinking light is a good feature.”


When it gets dark you really want a head torch that turns night into day and that gives you more training hours, more dedication, more adrenaline and that makes you go faster.

Silva’s pro tip:
“Exceed is our second most powerful head torch with its 2300 lumen. This headlamp is made for night orienteering, skiing, mountain biking, ski touring and other high speed sports in technical terrain.”

Orienteer Tove Alexandersson’s pro tip:
“I am super happy that Silva has launched Spectra O with 10 000 lumen. I use it for high speed training sessions and competitions when I really need the best light there is.”


Keep the battery close to your body, and bring one extra with you, when you go fast down the slopes in cold temperatures. Choose one of the lower light modes when you go up the hill on your skis. It saves your battery’s burn time so that you can go full speed down the mountain for longer with stronger light.

If you are a cross country skier then you can choose a slightly bigger battery. Your movement is smooth, compared to running, hence a more powerful battery will keep you going for longer without disturbing your flow.

Silva’s pro tip:
“We make really good head torches for cross country skiing, ski touring, snowboarding. Go for a powerful Exceed with 2300 lumen, or Trail Speed, a more lightweight head torch with 1200 lumen. These head torches are perfect for longer training sessions in all terrains and weather conditions.”

Freeskier Hedvig Wessel’s pro tip:
“Spectra A is my preferred choice. It is a really strong head torch with 10 000 lumen that really turns night into day.”

Pro tips from the Swedish and Norwegian national ski teams:
“Use the same head torch as the Swedish and Norwegian national ski teams: choose Trail Speed 5X with 1200 lumen. A smaller battery is perfect for your shorter sessions, attach it to your headband at the back of your head. Buy a more powerful battery as an extra accessory, in case you want to go for longer training sessions.”


When you go full speed with a constant rush of adrenalin you will need a head torch which likes speed as much as you do.

Silva’s pro tip:
“Spectra is the most powerful head torch we have ever made. The light output is 10 000 lumen. Spectra has 8 powerful LED-lights and Silva Intelligent Light – a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light. It has 5 different light modes from 80 lumen to 10 000 lumen.”


Our range of head torches include models with a fixed light beam: a combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light, which is ideal for running, hiking and reading a map in the dark. If you want a head torch that works well for activities with different speed then we recommend you choose a multi head torch with Silva Flow Light technology and a flexible light beam.

When you turn the head torch down towards the ground the light beam will grow wider which is great for slow speed activities. Turn up the head torch and the light beam will have a longer reach in front of you which is great for high speed activities.


Created by our experts.

Head torches with Silva Flow Light

Cross Trail

The Cross Trail series are our entry level multi-activity head torches with a 600 lumen light output ideal for running, xc-skiing, commuting and easy mountain biking.

Trail Speed

Trail Speed is the ultimate head torch if you are looking for a powerful yet small and lightweight head torch. This is the preferred choice for endurance athletes.


With the Exceed series you get our second-most powerful head torch with great light output. Ideal for demanding activities like downhill skiing, biking and night orienteering.

batteries for all activities

Our battery line-up gives you the opportunity to find the right balance between burn time and weight. The power range covers a wide span of activities, from a small head-mounted battery for a fast run to a powerful pack for a long hike. 

Silva Connection System ensures that it is easy to combine different batteries with your headlamp. All batteries are compatible with head torches from 2008 and onwards.

There are two connections: a round shape and a square shape. The round connection is mainly for the Trail Runner series, the square shaped connection is for all other head torches.

Our head torch philosophy

We have been out there since the 1930s and over the years we have learned a few things about head torch. This is how we think when designing our head torches.


When being outdoors in the dark, we want you to feel like your head torch is an extension of your body. Here's an overview of our different head torches.

The Silva Light

The optics in all our head torch is optimized for specific activities with a blend of long spot light and wide flood light. This is what we call Intelligent Light.